Sandy thought that she had seen it all after 30 years in the business.  She had worked with hundreds of residents in nearly every care environment imaginable.  Nursing Care, Assisted Living, Independent Living, Therapy & Rehab, and Memory Care were all part of a normal day’s work.  Now, she was retiring and looking forward to long trips with her husband in their RV, but life was about to throw her a curve.

Her parents had traveled and lived full-time in an RV for 10 years before moving to a Patio Home at Chesterwood Village.  But ever since her father passed away, her mother had been struggling more and more.  She was suffering from dementia and that made it extremely difficult to enjoy time on the road with Sandy and her husband.  She was even having trouble at home.

“Even after all these years working with residents, I wasn’t prepared for it,” Sandy said, “It’s different when it’s your Mom.”

As we stood there catching up in the aisle of a local store, she shared her story with me.  I hadn’t seen Sandy for a few years and much had happened in our lives.  I could see that her journey had been difficult and my heart went out to her and her siblings.

“Things are much better, though,” she said, “Now that Mom’s in Chelsea Place.”

Moving to Chelsea Place (the Memory Care Assisted Living portion of Hillandale’s Chesterwood Village) had been a huge blessing for Sandy’s family.  Her mother was receiving constant loving care and she wasn’t irritated and upset all the time.  The calm environment and gentle support of assisted living-style memory care was just what Sandy’s mother needed.  She could enjoy all of the attractions of Main Street, delicious food, and even visits from her favorite friends, the therapy dogs.

Sandy and her husband could rest easy knowing that Mom was in capable, loving hands.  They were even planning to try their hand at extended travel and full-time RV living.  As I hugged my friend and walked away, I was thankful for such amazing memory care in West Chester.

I had the privilege of visiting Sandy’s mother when I traveled to Chesterwood Village to take the featured photo for this article.  She was kind and gracious as she showed me the family pictures in her room.  I learned about her husband and her children, but most of all I learned what first class memory care looks like.  She was truly at home and it warmed my heart to see her treated just like family.

If someone you love is struggling with Alzheimer’s or another form of dementia, call Chesterwood Village today to learn more about their Memory Care Assisted Living.  You’ll be glad you did.

Author: Greg Dungan lives in Fairfield, Ohio