Memory Care Living

Our memories can be some of the most personal and precious things we carry with us.  And when they begin to fade, the effects can be devastating.  Unfortunately science is still wrestling with Alzheimer’s Disease and other forms of dementia.  So, while we eagerly await a cure, there are things we can do to bring comfort in the meantime.

Our Memory Care facilities are called Chelsea Place and they feature memory care in an Assisted Living environment.  This approach creates a peaceful setting with the assurance that help is nearby. 

Chelsea Place Memory Care Living is currently available a our Chesterwood Village and Doverwood Village locations.

Care that Gives You Peace of Mind

Just like in our standard Assisted Living, each member of our family receives care that is tailored to his or her individual wants and needs. Hillandale Helps people overcome as many obstacles associated with Alzheimer’s and Dementia as possible, with the goal of maintaining maximum independence and dignity.

“Your staff members gave mom her dignity back…

an amazingly great gift.” 

Chelsea Place is designed with multiple activity stations and environments that encourage independence in an intimate setting. Meaningful touches and an abundant schedule of unique social events offer an active lifestyle while providing compassionate care with all the security and comforts of home.

Through regular routine, ever-present support, and safe activities, our Memory Care residents enjoy happy and fulfilling lives.  They still deal with the symptoms and the very real struggles that come with memory issues, but they never have to face them alone.

The affects of Alzheimer’s and Dementia weigh heavily on family and friends as well.  This is why we believe it’s important to provide support groups and resources to help everyone dealing with these situations.

Wherever your experience with Memory Care Living leads, Hillandale’s knowledgable and compassionate professionals will walk the journey with you.

Chelsea Place offers great features like these:

  • Specially Designed Spacious Suites that Encourage Maximum Functionality
  • A Therapeutic Environment Centered on Greater Independence and Self-Esteem
  • Progressive Alzheimer’s care and opportunities for full family support
  • Individualized Service Approach
  • Uniquely Designed Common Areas for Resident and Visitor Comforts
  • Three Chef Prepared Meals Daily
  • Dietitian-Directed Menus
  • Customized Nursing Services & Support
  • Housekeeping and Linen Service
  • Life enriching social/recreational opportunities
  • Main Street: Café, Hair Salon, Cinema, Pub, Pet Shop & More!
  • Onsite Post Hospital & Outpatient Rehabilitation Center
  • Priority access to CCRC services
  • On-Site Physician’s Office

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