Hillandale Helps You

Have you ever seen retirement ads that show people mowing grass, cleaning gutters, or shoveling snow? We haven’t either.  That’s why we focus on stuff like that so you can do all of the things you really want to do when you retire. You worked for years and now you deserve some rewards.

Here are some of our residents’ favorite senior living benefits:

  • You’ll have plenty of entertainment and social opportunities
  • You don’t have to live alone anymore
  • You’ll have good, nutritious food every day
  • You’ll get to decide how you spend your time
  • You won’t have to worry about all those difficult household chores

You may be concerned that you’ll have less freedom in a Hillandale Community. Well, you’ll be happy to know that’s not true. If anything, you’ll actually have more freedom because there are so many choices.

Have you ever wanted to have some friends over, without having to clean and prepare and make food and all of the other work that goes with hosting people. Now, you don’t have to worry about that, because our staff does that for you, so that all you have to do is show up and participate. It’s instant fun with no preparation, planning, or clean-up.

And we do this with everything from home maintenance to cleaning to dining to social events.  Imagine filtering the tedious work out of life and leaving behind just the enjoyable things you love.  That’s Living!

We’re Ready When You Are

Maybe you’re not ready to make a move just yet, that’s OK. It’s never too early to learn about your options. After all, you don’t make a decision like this without lots of research, input from family, and time to think it over. Why not take a look now, so that you can make a informed, no-pressure decision down the road?

We could go on for days listing all of the reasons why we believe Hillandale Communities are the best, it’s ultimately something you will need to see and feel for yourself. So, while you’re thinking about when you’d like to come in for a tour, we’ll pick just a few of the important details.

Terms To Know

If you’re just beginning to consider senior living options, you’re probably learning about staying at home vs. moving into a community. If you’ve already decided to move, you’re probably learning about the difference between Independent Living, Assisted Living, and all of the other solutions out there.  Here’s a list of definitions that may help. Read more >

Living Solutions

In this section, you’ll learn about all of the many services and options available in our Hillandale Communities. We’ll start with Independent Living then move to Assisted Living.  Next we’ll tell you about Short-Term Rehab & Therapy, Memory Care, and Nursing Care.  Read more >

Hillandale Life

Caring for seniors has been our life’s work for three generations, so you can understand why we’re so passionate about what we do and the amazing people we serve. In this section we’ll give you a glimpse of what life is really like in a Hillandale Community. We’ll share the details of a typical day in each level of care and even let you hear how some of our residents feal about Hillandale living.   Read more >

Our Communities

Regardless of whether you’re ready to move, you’ll want to know where our communities are located and what options are available at each one. This is where we give you all those details.   Read more >