Biodex Better Balance System

The Biodex Balance System improves balance, increases agility, develops muscle tone and treats a wide variety of conditions.

It leads the user step-by-step through testing and training modes to provide a fast, accurate Fall Risk Screening and Conditioning Program for patients of all ages.

The Vectra Neo E-Stim/Ultrasound unit provides Electrical Stimulation and Ultrasound and can be configured for each patient’s specific needs.

Ultrasound therapy addresses joint/muscle pain and inflammation. It is widely used and effective for soft tissue healing.

E-stim is effective in treating pain and trigger points, promoting circulation and neurological function.

Biodex Balance

• Static and Dynamic modes

• Fall Risk Assessment & Screening

• Limits of Stability Test

• Interactive Games and Dual Tasking

• Adjustable Support Handles

• Bilateral Comparison Test

• Custom Report Data


• Non-Invasive Treatment Solution

• Customized Treatment Protocols

• EMG Biofeedback Treatment

• Individual Patient Reporting

• Anatomical Reference Library