Armeo Spring & Senso

Armeo Spring is an German-engineered exoskeletal solution for training upper extremities. It’s another way to utilize the power of virtual reality to promote both physical and cognitive rehabilitation.

The Armeo Spring guides patients as they complete tasks in a 3D workspace. This stimulates muscular development along with neurological progress. Like all of our equipment, it collects individual data to show evidence-based progress.

After sufficient progress, patients continue treatment without the exoskeleton using Armeo Senso. Together, these tools encourage full range of motion, strength, and coordination.

• Self-Initiated Movement Therapy

• Simultaneous Arm and Hand Therapy

• 3D Workspace

• Armeo Spring Exoskeletal support

• Armeo Senso Non-Exoskeletal support

• Individual Patient Data

• Personalized Recovery Plan

• Full Upper Extremity Rehabilitation